Going Long

One thing I have learned about myself as a photographer is I like wide.  I may have carried a three lens kit of a wide zoom, mid zoom, and telephoto zoom-but I mainly used the wide zoom.  When I looked at my usage it went something like 80% or more of my images were taken with the wide zoom and 90% of my favorites were wides. If you look through my blog posts, I bet most of them are wide angle images too.

In fact I use the wide zoom so much, that when I made the jump to full frame I decided to never change the lens.  My lens of choice on my Canon 5D2 is the 17-40 and it stays on the camera permanent.

I like wide.

However, I still carry my Canon 50D with my 70-200 f/4L lens for those times I want to go long.  It is not often and I often think of simplifying down to just the one camera and lens.

Well, this fall I have tried to work a little more with the long lens to isolate scenes of fall color along the Trinity River.

Here are a few of those attempts as I chase autumn around Fort Worth.

The woods have been golden and some of the red oaks are living up to their name and putting on some crimson.

The longer lens does help me lose distractions and keep out the sky, houses, or whatever else might be in the scene. It is still a tougher way for me to see and I frequently find myself reaching for the wide again.  At least it is an attempt to be different.


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