Fall Colors on the Clear Fork

On a cool Sunday morning, I grabbed my camera and headed for the Clear Fork.  Inspired by the fall colors I had seen west of town, I decided to see if they had reached that first wave of yellows along the Clear Fork.

The river is low right now from both lack of rain in the last few weeks and due to some work being done along the river.  That allowed to to walk on gravel bars into some areas I normally would have to wade to.

The colors are not quite as far along here in town as they are west of here.  More yellowing-green than yellow.  With luck, that will be nice in another week.  I sat up this shot in the early light and hoped the long exposure would capture the reflections of the trees in the still water.

Then later in the day I was out again with the camera and saw the one cloud we had Sunday hanging over the river and grabbed this second image.  Here the colors were further along giving me hope I will get some nice local images over the next few weeks.


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