The Snowy Range

The Snowy Range of southern Wyoming is a fantastic location of rugged mountains, alpine country, and plenty of snow.  The heart of the Snowys is the rugged and imposing Medicine Bow Peak and plenty of alpine lakes.  Add to that the Snowy Range Scenic Byway bisects the range allowing you to drive into country that is often a 3 day backpack to get to.  Call it a gift for the photographer with limited time.  

Finally the Snowys are all but unknown.  You see everyone heads south a couple of hours into Rocky Mountain National Park, and ignores this location.  After all, it is in Wyoming and not Colorado-it cannot be any good.......

Personally, I hope people keep thinking that way.  Go fight the crowds at Bear Lake, I'll take the Snowys any day over it.  All the majesty of the Rockies just a short walk from your car and no crowd to compete with.  That made it a great place for day one since I had flown in from Texas and the sudden gain in altitude is tough on the body. 

As I planned this trip short notice, I was also worried that the Snowys might still be snowed in (there is a reason they are called Snowy). I was prepared to actually have to buy snowshoes on my way through Fort Collins.  However, the light winter snow pack and dry early summer conditions meant the Snowys were almost snow free.  I set up my camp down the mountain and drove up the the peaks to take in the view.  

It wow's me every time.

Then, I set up that first shot of Lake Marie and the small cascade at the end of the lake.  A classic shot in the bag.

Day one was already off to a great start.


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