Roadside Gems

Driving across Wyoming is a fascinating journey.  Going over mountains, following river valleys, crossing sagebrush flats, and passing through the Great Divide Basin had each been interesting. Through each area I kept finding little spots that drew my eye and camera.  Here is another one.  

On the far side of the Great Divide Basin you are back in sagebrush country.  There are rocks and hills and distant mountains and most of what you see is rather brown.  Then I passed this area of green.  I had to stop and check it out.  A small marker called it Ice Slough and told how this flat valley would have water a few feet below the surface that would stay frozen into the summer months and pioneers would dig down and get some for cold water.

Today not many people are digging for ice in the summer here but that shallow water sure keeps the grass in the slough green.  

With some nice clouds, I thought it was worth another image of another little roadside gem of a location.


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