Lookout Lake

After photographing Lake Marie for two days I decided to spend an evening and a morning photographing Lookout Lake.  It is just one of many lakes in the high country of the Snowys but it was scenic and also a fairly short walk.

You might think this easy access would make one lazy, but I have to admit after normally having to do a long backpack to reach such a location, having the easy access was nice.

I got rained on in the afternoon and even had to retreat to the car when the worst of the thunder and lightning was around the peaks.  I had hopes it would clear for a nice sunset and hiked up to the lake.  I found a good location along the shore with a neat piece of ice floating on the lakes surface to use as a foreground.  It stayed mainly cloudy and there was no color from the spot I had selected along the lake.  Still it was a great afternoon and even if the light was not ideal I had found a good piece of ice I hoped to use in the morning.

The next morning was clear.  Again.

I went up to Lookout Lake only to find my foreground ice had moved.  I started where I had picked out sans ice.  The I worked my way down the lake until I found a great large piece of ice floating across the width of the lake.  It is the lead image for this post and I could only wish for streaming clouds

All in all it was a good morning and a great location.  I certainly put it high on my list of places to revisit.  Like I said a few days ago, I'll take the Snowys ANY day of RMNP.


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