The Clear Fork in the the Forest

Exploring the Clear Fork of the Trinity River over the last several weeks has started taking me to new places and locations.

I am always keen to find new areas for photography near where I live and I have added several places to that list.

As you may have seen in some of my many images of rock ledges and waterfalls the Clear Fork has some interesting geology making it a great river to photograph. These new areas are in the forest and present the river in an whole new way.

Looking at these two images they certainly do not seem like the same river as my post from last week. Yet not only are they the same river, they are only a few miles apart.

I can easily photograph them both on the same day.

What I really like is how these two very different settings will allow me to photograph them in different light and seasons. Depending on conditions I could easily reach either one for a morning or afternoon destination for even just an hour of photography.

Already I am envisioning what kind of potential these locations have for fall color.

Many people tell me there is nothing good to photograph around where they live and I just added two new locations to my list that are only a few minutes from home.

Getting out and looking sure paid off with these two.


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