The Clear Fork at Sunset

The Clear Fork of the Trinity River is not a big river. Over most of it's course it is neither deep nor broad. It is not a long river either. It only runs through two counties, arising in Parker County and running across it and through Tarrant County where it meets the West Fork at downtown Fort Worth.

In the greater scheme of rivers in Texas it is really just a foot note when compared to the Red, Brazos, or mighty Rio Grande.

This small short river, however, is a neat river.

There are sections of wooded areas along it where it works through forests. There are sections of rocky ledges and natural waterfalls.

There is also the fact that several miles of it in Fort Worth are part of the Trinity Trails system of paved and gravel trails making it accessible.

Finally, I live right along the river. It is a five minute walk from my front door to this spot. I think of these ledges and pools to be my backyard. The perfect place to walk, explore, and photograph.

This was the sunset just a few nights ago. The hot summer day was fading and I took the camera to the river to see if the clouds would light up. I got nice light.

Here are two from that evening. The light in the sky went from bright pastels to cool blue. Here is sunset from the best of the color giving the water a warm hue. Then after the glow was gone and just a hint of pink touched distant clouds and the blue of the almost night sky lit the rocks.


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