Great Falls on the Clear Fork

The Great Falls of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Fort Worth.

The Clear Fork is a marvelous river and really a well kept secret known to even few locals. The river is more of an afterthought in modern society. I have to face the fact, unless there is a severe drought and you cannot water your lawn or a flood most people do not put much thought into it. Yet it is the river and the Clear and West Forks meeting here that Fort Worth was established (yes, as a fort).

The river has been tamed over the last fifty years as the Corp of Engineers has carved the banks and in places put in a levy to protect development-all in a response to the big flood in the 40's. A few low water dams have been placed too but the elemental nature of the river is not all gone. There are several sections west of downtown where the river runs clear over limestone rocks, past fossils, and over small cascades.

There is even a 3' fall that spans the entire river. That might not be the crashing water of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, but it is still pretty darn nice for the plains since the entire river drops over this limestone ledge.

Here it is-the Great Falls of the Clear Fork.


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