Clear Fork Clouds

The Clear Fork of the Trinity River on a cool , blustery, cloudy March day.

The bouncing temps of spring continued over the past week. Some days go into the 80's. We have sun. We have green everywhere.

Then there are days like Saturday. A big front moved down out of the Rockies. It dumped some snow up in the panhandle but we mostly got heavy overcast and cold wind. Temps in the low 30's and wind chills down in the 20's. Think I even saw a few snowflakes fly by.

I thought it was a perfect day to walk the river at daybreak. On a day like today I have it to myself. The low fast moving clouds drew my attention so I tried to emphasize them with long exposures to add some movement to the images. I also went about working with how to deal with the clouds being a bit brighter than the ground. That dilemma is a common one for the landscape photographer
but there are a few ways around it. I played around with a couple possible techniques.

Here are two of my better ones.

The top one is using the "new fangled" digital blending technique. The bottom one is old school all the way with a filter to balance the light.

There is some difference between the images but I think they come down to a matter of preference on which one might be "better".
So I think they both work. And to get two decent images in about ten minutes is a good morning to me.


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