Happy New Year!

New Years Day 2009. I was out this morning at 5:45am walking through a local park in the dark and waiting for the dawn. It is how I spend every New Years morning, out with the camera waiting to photograph the first day of the year. I started doing it for the millennium in 2000 and have been going out ever since.

This morning was crisp and clear. Temps were about 35 or so. I went to Trinity Park which is along the Trinity River near downtown Fort Worth. The park is fairly heavily wooded in areas and has some spots that are urban wild. One of the features of the park is the Lancaster Street bridge where it crosses the river bottom into downtown. The bridge has some nice steel structure to it and is aesthetically pleasing as a bridge.

I could see the bridge and the street lights on it shining into the trees of the park. I thought it made a good image for city and nature. It might not be Yosemite, but it is closer, and besides there are bridges there too.

As the sun rose I went up onto the bridge and photographed back down into the trees. Here you can see the park and the tiny narrow guage railroad that runs the length of the park.I thought they made a nice combo. The city passing by a bit of nature and then looking back at it.

Did I succeed? What do you think?

Happy New Year!


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