Full Moon Setting

The full moon in January was supposed to be the biggest of the year. I had read some buzz about quite a few folks were going to try to make a photograph of it. I am sure most of them were going to go for the long lens look.

I decided to get out too. I even had a place I hoped would work but I really was not sure if it had a view. So out the door I went early one weekend morning down along the Trinity River. There are several places along the river and some of it's side tributaries right here in town that have rock ledges and small waterfalls. It is not what one normally thinks of with Fort Worth, Texas. And that is one of the things I do like is being able to find these little scenes of nature smack dab in the middle of the city.

After photographing some railroad trestles by moonlight, I made my to a side creek just off the river where I knew there was a three foot fall. Sure enough, the moon was just hanging in the western sky right above the trees. Here is the part where I went different from everyone else, as I went to my widest lens to really get the water spilling over the falls and the moon is just a white dot in the sky. Make that a white dot that was 12% bigger this month.


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