Wintery Trees

Wintery trees in north Texas.

We had a great fall this year in north Texas. The color started in early November and we had it peak the two weeks after Thanksgiving. The last of the leaves blew away the week before Christmas.

Now it is winter. We even had a couple of nights it was down in the 20's although those only last a few days and then we are back to 65 degree days. At 5am on the 27th it was 68 degrees, not what many would call winter. Today on the 28th it is a bit more seasonal at 36. Ahhh, Texas weather. Winter is just begining but I know it will be spring again in just a few weeks. I am already thinking of where I will chase the bloom and how far afield I will go. but for now I enjoy the winter.

Here is an image of some wintery trees taken this last week. The moon hangs in the sky and the colors of the early dawn are starting to light the sky.


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