Rocks. Big rocks. The Guadalupes are full of them. Rocks are everywhere.
There are hikes I walk around, climb over or sometimes go under them. One could even say that El Capitan itself is just one big 1500' tall rock.

This is a land where rocks tell the story of the past. Be it in the fossils or petroglyphs found in the area-the rocks are the history here.

The rocks here constantly draw my interest as a photographer. The texture, the shapes, the patterns, and the constant presence of El Capitan all combine to make image after image. I am sure some would find it repetitive but I find so many ways to capture them again and again.

Here are two. One large boulder with texture detail and the distant El Cap. The other a group of boulders and El Cap in black and white. Similar yet different.

The mountains, the rocks and the sky. Timeless.


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