Upper Mississippi River Bluff Country

Late summer found me in Minnesota and Wisconsin along the bluff country of the Upper Mississippi River.  Here old man river has carved 500' tall bluffs through the Driftless area the ice age missed.  It is quite scenic and one I have enjoyed visiting for the last ten years.

I have seen it from spring blooms, to fall color to the frozen depths of winter.  It is a location that changes with the season and I have enjoyed them all.  In late summer it is warm and humid.  The trees are very green.  One has to be careful to avoid the skeeters and poison ivy.

The long days of summer mean there is plenty of light after supper giving me plenty of time to get in a short walk and make a few images.

It was overcast and looked like we could get rain.  I took a trail heading up the bluff and got a nice view looking down on the river.  I remember seeing this scene after a fresh snow in January and this warm summer day is a long way from that.  The wildflowers, lush green trees, and clear flowing river make it a nice view.

I made my way back down the bluff as the clouds begin to thicken and the scent of rain was in the air.  I grab a few images along the marsh as I make my way back toward the car.

Later as it heads toward dark the rain arrives via thunder storms.  I set up the camera to capture some of the last last light along the river as thunder rumbled in the sky.


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