Wildflowers of a Texas Spring

As April slipped past I kept making journeys looking for bluebonnets and other wildflowers.  I would start the day at a known sunrise spot and then drive looking for other locations.  Here are a couple of those other locations we drove past one morning.  The sun was already bright and there were just a few clouds.  Not the most ideal conditions for landscape photography, but finding the flowers made up for that.

Here are two locations we found near Waxahachie, Texas late one morning while exploring some side roads on the way to lunch.

The big trees in a field are always a favorite of mine and taking in the big view is something else I do like to do for a photograph.  The yellow flowers compliment the green of the grass and blue of the sky.

We drove on and found an incredible field of bluebonnets.  It was acres and acres of flowers.  This was a great find.  Unfortunately one I would not be able to return to in the 2014 season.

I will have to file away the location for 2015 and plan to spend a sunrise here!


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