Vermont Lake Morning

In early October had an opportunity to spend a few days in Vermont.  It has been several years since my last trip to the Green Mountain State and I was looking forward to photographing the maples in color.

I spent some time with Google Maps looking at potential areas.  One of them I had picked out was a small lake.

I had decided to make it might first morning location as it was close to the road and would not require a long hike like some of the other spots would.

I awoke to clear starry skies.

As I drove down the mountain I entered thick fog.

Then as I approached the area of the lake I got right to the edge of the fog.

I had lucked out.  Too much higher on the mountain and it would be boring clear.  Too much lower and it was pea soup thick.

I watched the fog move among the colorful maples.

The sun rose and the light slowly lit the mountain and the trees.

I had a few decent images and a good start to my visit.  I headed down the mountain and thoughts of pancakes and maple syrup.


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