Light on the Salt Flats and Lake

More images from the salt flats, dunes and lake.  One of the things I find in a place like the west Texas is that you can have days of severe clear skies where you take almost no images.  Then you can have one of those epic west Texas sunsets and I can end up taking hundreds of images in one afternoon.

These are from a day that was the latter.  In fact, the same day as my last post where I had several images of the Guadalupes and the lake.  As I wrote in that post I was moving pretty fast chasing compositions.  That is one thing in my technique that digital really changed.  When I shoot 4x5, I find my composition and then wait for the light.  The slow nature of shooting 4x5, makes it very difficult to move and set up a second and certainly not a third composition in changing light.

Now with my DSLR, I can be constantly moving as it takes me mere seconds to set up a shot.  Sure, there are times I find "the shot" where I wait for it, but usually I am constantly moving and working all angles and directions.

So here are some examples of those directions.  I knew that the Guadalupes rising a mile above the salt flats and the fleeting quality of the lake would be my major compositional elements but as I chased the light I was able to work out several other images of the lake, or dunes, or clouds.

These are some of them.


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