Lingering Light

After watching the amazing light display in the last post I lingered in the salt dunes as the golden light ended and the light started to fade.  The fantastic light on the Guadalupes was something I always hope for but rarely see.  I hoped that at least some of my image captures were going to be good ones.

Turning to the west I hoped for a great orange sky but while there was some color it was not nearly as neat as the light I had seen earlier.  The light in the east returned to flat like it had been earlier in the evening.

Still I lingered on the salt dunes looking for possible images.

Finally as the light was almost gone I set up for a last image of the mountains.  It was so dark to the east I could not effectively focus the camera, not even with live view.  So I turned west and was able to set a focus point.  Turned back east toward the Guads and started a long exposure.  4+ minutes at f/11 to be precise it was so dark.  
The image that I got was amazing and is the top post here. What was very dark to me was still getting wonderful directional light that was peaking in from the west.  

That lingering light made the image and the day.  So, stay out longer, linger around the edges of the day.  You just might be rewarded.


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