Desert Mountains of West Texas

The desert mountain country of far west Texas is a photographers dream location.  Far from big cities and crowds, it really is a photographers paradise.  Our two national parks, Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains are out here.  However, like west Texas in general, they seem to be off the beaten path for visitors, let along photographers.  Get away from the parks and it seems this is a big empty land.

I guess that means more of this big country for me to explore.

West of the Guadalupe Mountains is the long road to El Paso.  I often think about this as Marty Robbins country as it certainly is what he sang about in El Paso.  The wild west Texas wind still blows here.

The mountains, high desert grasslands, salt flats, salt dunes, sand dunes, etc are incredibly scenic and I often drive the roads here to see what views the light will bring.

Here are a couple of images of that big country.  On top we have the clouds riding high over the rocky slopes of the Patterson Hills.  The long panorama is looking across salt dunes to the distant and inaccessible Black Mountains.


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