Oxbow Bend

On my last morning in the Tetons, I was up well before sunrise, broke camp and made the drive to Oxbow Bend.  I had saved this location specifically for this day as it worked out well with my route home.  

Being one of the popular spots other photographers started to show up and soon it was a small crowd.  It was not like my day at the Blacktail Ponds or out on the grass where I had a location to myself.

I moved along the bank of the river to get away a little from the crowd and found a place where I could catch a reflection of the wonderful morning sky.  At first it seemed it might just be a blue sunrise, but at last the light broke through the clouds just enough to put a little warmth on the scene and give me one last image from the Tetons.

After that quick morning it was time to hit the road for the all day drive to Fort Collins where an Elvis Presley Graceland pancake had my name on it.  That's a peanut butter banana pancake with bacon and caramel maple syrup.  As I drove away from the Tetons, I could only quote the king "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

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Wyoming Gallery

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