A Winter Sunrise on the Trinity River

A winter sunrise on the West Fork of the Trinity River.

It has been a warm winter in Texas as it normally is. It is not looking like we will get snow like we did in 2010 and 2011.  It was dry most of last year but the rains have returned and we had some great rain last week.  Something north of 4 inches locally over a couple of days.  I had hopes that the rivers and waterfalls would be flowing well.

Saturday I saw some nice cloud cover and so I headed for the West Fork and caught this nice sunrise at the big falls.

This is the most water I have seen at the falls and between the roar of the falls and the fire in the sky it was a nice morning indeed.

The water must have been much higher in the days between the rain and my visit and I could only wonder what the sight had been like on Wednesday.  But that would be water under the bridge, or over the falls as maybe more appropriate.

As usual the morning went too fast but the images seemed to glow on the camera and I thought there were some nice potential.

This location with snow and ice might be fantastic but I think I might have to hope for more spring rains to bring the falls to life again.

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