On the Trinity River

As 2011 drew to a close, I continued to venture out locally photographing the Trinity River and looking to build upon my collection of images of the river.

On a late December cloudy day we had some rain blew through. I started to like the way the clouds were starting to break up and had an inkling there might be a sunset. I grabbed my camera and got outside as the light started to go crazy with an intense full rainbow over the city.  I let that pass and raced to the river as the sunset quickly developed. 

I worked to set up images as it started to rain again.  Luckily I was prepared and was able to keep the camera dry.  The image at top was toward the end of that sunset but I really liked the purple tones that were happening.  The Clear Fork was running with a nice flow and the grass still has a bit of green in it.

Then I started off 2012 with my traditional New Years sunrise photograph.  This year was clear.  Actually, looking back I think the last three were clear.  

Because of the clear skies and wanting to photograph the river more, I went to Marine Creek, a side stream of the Trinity River and just a hundred yards or so from the juncture of the waters Marine Creek tumbles over a three foot fall.

I was able to catch the early light of day lighting up the far bank and casting a nice sunrise orange glow back onto the water.

Ending the old year and beginning the new year on the river just seemed right.  The river like time, keeps flowing and moving past.

Welcome 2012.

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