Working to Save Otero Mesa

One of my images of Alamo Mountain and the open range grasslands of the Otero Mesa in southern New Mexico was chosen for and has been published in the 2011-2012 Earth Justice Calendar.
You can see several images and stories on my blog here as I call it the Lost Mesa. This is a huge area of over one million acres of mostly BLM land that is America's largest wild grassland left in a wild state.
There have been several groups working to protect the mesa from development and mining activity and Earthjustice is one of those groups. I was glad to be able to help them with an image of the mesa.
This is a large and wild area that is worthy of protection but the lack of knowledge about it makes the protection fight harder.
Hopefully the power of determined people and the images of this incredible location can help save it in it's wild state for future generations.
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