Looking for Hansel and Gretel

As I walked in a foggy Florida pine forest I thought this could be the kind of place Hansel and Gretel got lost in.

The forest had thicker denser parts but I was walking in a section that was rather thin. The trees had probably been thinned out in a logging operation leaving some trees and an open view.

Just the sort of place you would confidently start to walk through. It would only be after the fog came in you would start to lose your bearings and begin to feel lost. Then you would wish for breadcrumbs.

That thought inspired the top image here. How to take the forest and make it somehow more foreboding. I worked on several compositions that included both the trees and the path hoping it would be one that could take on an air of mystery.

The bottom view is the country I was in. You can see the open nature of the forest and the light fog. Add in a little motion for mystery and I think you get a forest the Brothers Grimm would like.


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