The Glory of Fall

Fall color in the Maine woods! Ahh, now that is what autumn is all about!

Timing my trip to Acadia for mid October, I hoped to both avoid the summer crowd as well as catch the colors of the fall season. I have been to Vermont and New Hampshire and really enjoyed the colors there and was hoping that Maine had the colors and that I had timed the peak well.

I may have had too much blue sky, but I sure enjoyed got the right time down to really get nice fall colors.

With the color it gives me something to work on and try to work the color into the scenery. Even a simple look up at the forest canopy changes with the reds, yellows and oranges of autumn.

There is also the bigger landscape of the granite mountains of Acadia that come to life in a fantastic way with fall colors.

Here is a view of Eagle Lake from Cadillac Mountain that I liked.

Lastly is a quiet morning scenic along Jordan Pond before the sun rose.

I had hoped for the magnificent sunrise but when the sky was clear, I turned to the quiet side of the pond for this.


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