The Rolling High Plain of Texas

The rolling high plains of Texas are east of the caprock of the Llano Estacado. The flat gives way to a rolling prairie. I drove across that on a rainy and cloud filled day.

The sky was fantastic and I stopped often to photograph the fences and rangeland. There is something big about the open range and the sky made it even better.

I really like a sky filled with big thick cloud cover. It becomes a day a photographer can photograph all day. This was one of those days.

Along the way west I even passed through Turkey, Texas-home of Bob Wills. That reminded me to be sure to turn on the radio on Saturday morning to High Plains Public Radio (HPPR) to catch Western Swing and Other Things which is a great program of-you guessed it-Western Swing.

Now it was a perfect way to spend the day, some great views and some perfect tunes.


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