Across the Plains

After several days of being in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming, camping in a couple of blizzards, and taking quite a few images, I headed for the plains and the drive toward Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Snowy Range ends abruptly and then you are on the plains. As I drove I watched rain in the distance. Then the clouds started to breakup and I caught a rainbow. In this big open country I caught the full rainbow. I made images of the entire 'bow but it was when I saw a windmill that the image idea fully got formed. Call it an homage to Galen Rowell. This might not be the Potola Palace, but in a way having a ranch in Wyoming is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Another image from that drive of some horses on the plains.

I headed for town and a warm meal with thoughts of getting to Rocky Mountain NP.


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