Rain over the Grand Canyon

After getting lucky with clear sky at my visit to Antelope Canyon, I headed for the Grand Canyon. As I drove the clouds started to build in the sky. By the time I got there is was raining.

What luck!!

I got the clear sky I needed for a slot canyon and then I got rain over the Grand Canyon.


We stopped right at Desert View and Point Lipan to get some views of the rain falling over the canyon. Lightening was around so the visits to the edge were quick and it was get the image and go.

After getting checked in at our lodging I was hoping I might get a chance to see the sunset behind the rain. With the severe edge of the storm gone but distant rain, I jumped on board the shuttle bus for Hopi Point. I no sooner stepped off the bus and saw this great view west with a gap in the sky and rain falling. It was going to be perfect.


And here is the sunset from Hopi Point into the rain.


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