Hiking the Rim

Hiking the rim is one of the great ways to see and photograph at the Grand Canyon. Sure you can descend into the depths. I think it sounds fun. Not everyone does.

But walking the rim is pretty easy. It's all but level and the views are fantastic. They have a bus you can take but then you only see the major view points. Just like everyone else.

Take a hike and walk the rim and you can really experience the big views this canyon offers.

Here is one of those views. This was along the rim trail between the crowded bus stops. We had the trail mostly to ourselves only occasionally passing another hiker coming the other way. It threatened rain the entire day and started as we made it out to Hermits Rest.

But as luck would have it that is a bus stop, so we got to walk out and ride back in the rain. Call it luck. Great walk, great views, nice images, exercise, and get to keep the camera dry in the bus going back. What's not to like?


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