Maui Coast beyond Hana

One of the things I hoped for when camping along the Hana coast was to see the Milky way and be able to photograph the night sky with the ocean.  I was eager to see what the Sony A7S could do there.

In the time after sunset there was a little clear sky but the moon was far too full to see the grandeur of the Milky Way.  I would end up trying to get some sleep and then get out about 4am and see the dark. 

However the Hana side of Maui is the wet side and it lived upto that reputation as it rained off and on both nights I camped there.  The rain would pass by and it was a heavy downpour for 15-20 minutes and then it would stop.  Then 30 minutes later it would rain again as another rain band passed over.  I was camping in the small North Face Stormbreak 1 tent and although I was not sure how well I would fit or it would handle rain, I was really impressed and dry camping here.  The tent was narrow but had as much length as any other tent.  I fit and even though my sleeping bag touched the end of the tent the excellent rainfly on the tent kept it 100% dry!  Tent was also super stable in the wind.  I actually find that a trait in ever North Face tent I have ever used.  Super happy with this tent.  Perfect for solo travel.

So after the on again-off again rain, I got up and out to almost complete overcast in the dark.

I made my way to the coast and even occasionally got a brief glimpse of the stars.  I might get one image and the sky would cloud over again.  Then a rain squall would pass over and I would cover the gear and wait it out in the dark.

This happened several times before dawn.  In one of the heavy ones I did retreat to the shelter of a nearby tree (no lightening at all or I would not have been out there).

Finally the night began to fade and I was able to watch two sunrises along the coast.

It was impressive!

The moving clouds made for some interesting light and the constant crash of the surf made it fun. Occasionally a big wave would cash and send spray up the rocky shore cliffs.  I kept my rain cover on the camera and used a cloth to keep the lens dry.

Each morning was fun like that and I would stay out there for a couple of hours each day.

Sunsets were also interesting as the light faded over the mountain behind you and the light left the sky.  Exposures would get longer and longer until it was more night than day photography.

Two sunsets and two sunrises were a great way to experience and photograph the island.  I was able to be right where I wanted to photograph, it was quiet, and I had it pretty much all to myself.  Yep, camping along the coast was a great way to see Maui and have serious low cost fun.


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