Great Salt Lake

Back in April I had to be in Salt Lake City for a few days of business.  I had full days but hoped I might get a chance to get out to see a sunset.  Sure enough I was busy enough but I was able to break away after 6pm, grab a quick snack for supper and then drive out to the Great Salt Lake for sunset.

From prior visits, I knew of a good spot or two west of SLC off I-80.  It is just a fifteen minute or so drive making quick and convenient to get there.

There were a few clouds in the sky that I hoped would catch some light.  

What we also had though was the gnats had hatched.  The gnats were like a cloud along the lake.  Oh and bug spray has basically no impact on them.

In short conditions for being outside were rough as the gnats were all over you.  Ears, eyes, nose, arms, etc.  

I ended up putting on my rain jacket and hood to lessen the impact.

My technique was set up tripod with composition.  Swat at the gnats.  Focus camera.  Swat at the gnats.  Take picture.  swat at the gnats.  Repeat.

I would maybe make it 12-20 minutes and then get in the car and move locations.  Somehow I hoped I would have a few minutes reprieve at a new location before they found me again.

In short it was rougher conditions than cold or hot.

I did end up getting a few nice images.  I found a place where a small stream was flowing into the lake and was able to set up a get some nice sunset light.

I found another spot where marsh grass was growing several feet up and was golden in the afternoon light.

Both spots got me some very nice images.

I might also say this was a trip where I was using my Sony NEX6 kit with small Sirui 025X tripod.  This is a great travel kit and perfect for trips like this when I only might get out for a sunset.  It gives me plenty of capability in a very tiny package that fits in my computer bag, which means no checked luggage!

Finally one last image taken on the climb out of SLC.  The morning light was nice and getting a left side window seat got me a chance to photograph as we took off getting some nice images of the lake.


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