Back to the Dunes

In March I put together another trip out west.  It would be spring in the desert and after some rains over the winter, I hoped there would be some good wildflowers.  I also timed the trip for the new moon.  I had some great images I had made in spring of 2014 and was looking forward to getting back to try more.

I also put this trip together to be a combined trip to both the Guadalupe Mountains as well as Big Bend.  I headed west to the Guadalupes first with the plan on staying for two nights before going down to Big Bend for the remainder of the week.

The drive out to the park was one of rain from Big Spring all the way to the park with heavy overcast and periods of very heavy rain.  I stopped at park HQ and it was still overcast although the rain had tapered to off and on sprinkles.  

I drove down through Guadalupe Pass onto the lower deserts west of the range and the clouds parted.  It was dry and only partly cloudy west of the range.  That may seem strange but is often the case here.  The Guadalupes can trap weather on their east side.  I have seen it be cold, fog, and rain for days in camp and it is clear, calm, and warm just 5 miles away.

I drove out to Dell City getting there for lunch at Spanish Angels Cafe and had the enchiladas with eggs on top.  As always, they were world class and a place not to miss.  

After food and fuel, it was off to the dunes.  I hoped for a great sunset with incredible light shining on the Guadalupes.

The hike in was good and I arrived to find I had the whole place to myself.  I made my way out to an area I had photographed before and set up my tripods.  I spent the late afternoon exploring and making images of the sand, clouds, and mountains.  The sky was partly cloudy with some nice blue as well as great whispy clouds.

As the light got intense at sunset I made more images shooting both wide and long. There were nice clouds and after the sun actually set, we had some nice warm pink light and some distant high clouds.  It was a good day and a good way to start the trip.

Sunset on the dunes is always fun although I have yet to get the right light.  I have seen a few good sunsets, but I still have a vision of what I want it to be and have yet to get it.  I have had much better luck from the salt flats where I have had several times where there was incredible, off the charts sunsets.  But not at the dunes.  So I will keep going back when I get a chance with the hope of one day getting the perfect sunset.


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