Making The Shot

Here are a pair of images from my last morning in Big Bend.  I set up a shot of me taking the shot.  Here are both of them.

The last morning was mostly overcast.  I had seen a few stars over camp and made my way to a location I was wanting to attempt to photograph the Milky Way from.  Only problem was the Milky Way was mostly hidden in the clouds.  I worked on a few other images and then as it got closer to morning the Milky Way moved out of the clouds into some clear sky.  

However it was too late for the composition I was hoping for.  I guess that is why there is a "next time".

So I worked with what I had and set up a view of a few stray boulders and the Milky Way.  Then for fun I set up my second camera, set the timer and went in to start the first camera.  Call it the picture of making the picture.

It was a good way to end the trip and I was already making a list of locations to visit on my next trip out here, because no matter how many times you visit-there is always new stuff to find here.


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