Grapevine Hills Nightscape

The Grapevine Hills are an area of rocky outcrops in interesting shapes.  Like most visitors, I normally go right for the Balanced Rock.  I have made a few images of some of the other rock formations but seem to always spend the good light at the Balanced Rock.

A great thing about Nightscape photography is that you have time as the only light that is changing is the position of the Milky Way in the sky.

I wanted to photography these rock formations with the Milky Way rising over them.  After making images at the Balanced Rock, I moved to a location to frame up a ridge of rocky spires and the Milky Way.

Much like with most of my night images I worked on both natural light and some light painting.  You might be surprised at how much light is out there when there is no moon and only the Milky Way as a light source.  

I stayed in this location until the light rose in the sky and I could have easily stayed here all night working this location. Add it to a growing list of places to return to on the next trip.


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