McKittrick Canyon from Above

McKittrick Canyon was another stop on my quest for fall color in west Texas.  I had plans to make the hike into the canyon and I also decided to get the high view above it.  I departed early and hiked in the dark until I found my spot high on the rim overlooking the canyon below.

Here I had a front seat view of the sunrise and more importantly the fall color along the creek bed far below.

The view is amazing.  

The color is too.

Even from this distance the vivid colors jump at you.

From up here the color is a narrow ribbon along the canyon bottom or survives in cooler north facing drainages.

The depth and distance of the canyon make it far away but it does not lessen the impact of the bright colors.

I spent a few hours on the rim taking in the color and the morning before making my way back down and off to Pine Springs to set up my base camp for the park.


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