Tuff Canyon

One of the neat walks in Big Bend is the short little trail to overlook or the slightly more ambitious trail into Tuff Canyon.  This is a great roadside opportunity to see some interesting geology.

Tuff canyon is a short canyon carved out of volcanic tuff, which is compressed volcanic ash.  Geology aside, it is a neat view and a nice little walk too.

Here is a view of the mouth of the canyon when the stream that carved it exits where the tuff had been formed.  This view is looking east from the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive through the volcanic western side of the park toward the distant Chisos.

The second view here is an afternoon view from the rim overlooking Tuff Canyon also toward the Chisos.

I think both views give you a size of how this is a fairly shallow canyon but one that offers a tremendous view when it rains and floods (be careful) as well as an interesting place to explore the boulders and pools of water in other times of the year.  Finally, if you want a shot walk to take in a sight it is a mere few yards from car to overlook.

Just another one of those neat features I like to visit in the park.


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