We Need Rain

It is the long days of summer here in Texas.  It is a dry year so far too.  We are close to 5" under on rainfall.  It is that time of the year when it can be downright tough for photography with hot days and clear skies.

Of course, that does not deter me from photography.  I still go out with camera in hopes of great light.  It is just a little harder to get.

On the morning of the 4th, I convinced a few other photographers that we should meet early and do a little photography at sunrise.  I had little hope for clouds and about zero chance of rain.

We met early and drove just outside of town to an area we have had good luck with in the past and was close enough that we could shoot sunrise and then get on about the holiday.

As it got lighter we noticed a few clouds were actually in the sky and it looked like there was the possibility of a good sunrise after all.

We dispersed along a road each seeking a view we liked.

I started with the fence capturing the sun and the nicely lit clouds above.  Then I moved over to the creek to see if there was any chance of a reflection.  Except there was no creek.  Only a rocky stream bed was to be seen.  I worked with it getting something that had a little bit of a leading line quality and just wondered what even a little water would have done for it.  


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