Winter Snow on the Lost Mesa

In January we had a snow event move through west Texas around New Years.  I heard reports of several inches of snow hitting parts of the state.  I knew that such things were rare and when it sounded like the temps would stay cold for it to last more than a day, I decided on a quick trip to see what I might find.  

I headed west into New Mexico and the Otero Mesa.  I found that winter white was still found here on the open range.  Snow was spread out across the grasslands, with some areas melted and other still with patches. The north facing slopes and valleys of the Horned Mountains were all still holding several inches.  The roads that had any shade were still snow packed.

I had found winter.

I had it all to myself.

I drove, hiked, and explored the mesa where it meets the lonely Horned Mountains.  The north facing slopes were all still snowed in and I set about finding some of the better compositions to show the snow here on the open range of these desert grasslands.

I have always liked the big empty quality of the land and the view here.  Getting the rare chance to see it with snow was one that was I was glad I had not missed.


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