First Snowfall in Montana

On my last morning in Montana, I was up and gone early.  I had a plane to catch but thought if I left early I could have about an hour right at first light to see what it was like up the mountain.

The snow had stopped and I got into the higher country in twilight.

The snow was soft, white, and fresh.  The gold of aspen peaked out here and there.  A few streams bubbled down the mountainside in this winter wonderland of fresh snow.

I found a few scenes and worked quickly at each one.  I knew my time was measured in mere minutes.

 I found a hillside with aspen, their yellow leaves peaking through a dusting of snow.  I walked in the fresh snow and set up my tripod along streams and framed as many possible images I could make.

I watched as the clouds were beginning to break up with the sunrise.  I knew it would be a perfect day to be out with a camera.  I only wish I had longer to stay and enjoy the new snow.  I wish I had time to get back over to Glacier National Park as I am sure the snow must have been glorious there.

However, I made these few images and then headed out of the mountains and raced to the airport to catch my flight home.


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