Swiftcurrent Lake Sunrise

Swiftcurrent Lake is one of the classic views of Glacier National Park.  The view of Grinnell Point rising out of the lake is an awe inspiring location.  The northern Rockies have this very distinctive glacier carved look to them and with the lake in front it is just a view you cannot help but say wow!

Especially when there are great clouds.

As luck would have it there were great clouds and I drove up to the lake in the dark with hopes for a big sunrise.

The full moon hung in the west and the the clouds billowed past.  A few stars were visible in the gaps of the clouds.

I sat by the waters edge and made images in the dark with stars and moonlight.  Exposures were long and the moon lit the scene.  

Then in the twilight with cool blue images of mountains and streaming clouds.  Exposures were still long and the mountain began to catch the slight light from the dawn forming in the east.  I knew there was potential here and perhaps I need to look at taking these to black and white.

Finally with the golden light of sunrise on the mountains and in the clouds.  It was the moment I had hoped and waited for.

WOW indeed.

I call it a perfect morning with the progression of night to day.

Even better was that I had it all to myself.  The Many Glacier Lodge sits on the shore of the lake and takes in this view every day but the lodge had already closed for the season and I was the only one to take in this sunrise.  See the second image to appreciate this amazing place to stay,

I walked the shoreline seeking out stones in the lake to make a foreground and watching the intense light of morning move across the trees on the far shore.

It was one of those mornings that you always hope for.  Great views, great clouds, and great light!

One night in Glacier and I had hit the jackpot with a great sunset and an incredible sunrise.


Darren said…
Thanks, Mike. This is such a fantastic location. Many Glacier is my favorite part of Glacier NP.
Unknown said…
Beautiful absolutely gorgeous! Sound and looks like it was a perfect kind of day.

Have a great day

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