Even More Colors

The calendar keeps moving forward.  The colors keep changing too.  However, there is still nice color to be seen here locally.  I keep going back to the same handful of parks where I see the best color and every time is different.  A few days can make a big difference.

Where a colorful tree might have been on Thursday is a bare tree on Sunday.  But two more trees may have turned vivid red just down the trail.

It is a visual feast and I cannot get enough of it.  Everyday I look out the window and hope for great clouds and the chance to make a good image of some fall color.  Some days I can only look and hope to go.  Other days I am lucky enough to make it out.  It might just be for 30 minutes, but every moment counts, especially when it comes to fall color.

Blink, and you might miss it.

Here are some of the trees and moments that jumped out at me over the last couple of weeks as I explored the views along the West Fork of the Trinity River.

I was lucky enough to catch a foggy morning but even on clear days I have been able to catch the backlit trees in a colorful view.

Every day counts and I hope I can get a few more in the field to see the fleeting colors.


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