Edge of the Plains

I was driving across Wyoming along the edge of the Great Plains headed to the Snowy Range.  It is a wide open land of short grass prairie, pronghorn, and sky.

The mountains are a distant line but one I was making toward.  West of Laramie you cross that last flat ground and then suddenly the mountains are there.  Unlike some places where the foothills are first encountered, the Snowys "pop" out of the prairie.

As I drove these last few miles where mountains, plains, and sky all meet I had the radio on and caught Coplands "Rodeo".  If you need a hint on what piece that is, think of the "Beef, its what's for dinner" commercials.  It was like being in the opening credits of a movie.  Great views and great sound track. There on the edge of the plains with 160 horses headed into the Snowys.

What a way to start a trip.


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