Desert Clouds

Clouds in Big Bend always seem special to me.  Probably that is because 80% of the time (or more) I am there it seems it is clear blue skies.  Add in some rain with those clouds and it really becomes nice.

On a day that had some rain, I found that there were still nice clouds late in the afternoon and I decided to go to Desert Mountain Overlook.  I knew that from this location I had a good view in several directions and I could work the clouds.  With views to the mountains, the river, and into Mexico, I knew I had made a good choice.

The recent spring rains had even brought the Ocotillo into bloom and with the leaves they put out after a good rain.  Usually you see either/ or but not both.  Typically it is the blooms but bare branches in the spring and the green leaves in the late summer rains.  However, this year, I was getting both.

Clouds, cactus, desert, and mountains came together to make an interesting afternoon.

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