Hometown Nature Photography-Published Article

 I recently had another article published by the good folks over at Naturescapes, this one on hometown nature photography.

It is easy to dismiss the place where you live as a location to make great nature photography, however that is exactly the place you have the best chance at making a great image.  Simply put, you are there every day.  You get to see it in different light and different seasons.  You can learn its locations like few others.

Think of where you live as your home field advantage!

Here are a few images to give you an idea.  Both were taken within a five minute walk of where I live.  Both were taken on the Clear Fork in Fort Worth.

I can be here quickly so when I saw nice clouds that looked like a potentially good sunrise one morning I was able to grab my gear and head down to the river to catch this nice sunrise.

The wildflower image was done one fine spring day on a walk when I just happened to have had a camera with me (you do carry a camera every day-right?).

So get out there with your camera, great pictures are waiting in your neighborhood!

See the article here:   Hometown Nature Photography Article

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