False Kiva

False Kiva ruin is one of the hardest to find sites in canyon country. Yep it's there. I had seen images from the location but never knew where it was and when I found where, I planned to visit.

Now it is an unmarked site and you have to know where it is and how to get there. You are on your own finding directions, I ain't spilling the beans.

Suffice to say that it is a fragile area and the park service does not want hordes of people here.

It is neat but your image options are limited as the kiva sits in a small alcove. The top image is the standard and about only possible image.

The mystery of it might lure people, but after visiting I think there are neater more scenic areas to photograph.

For those wanting to try-be aware the trail is rough and you drop all the way to it. That means you have to climb up all the way back out. The second image shows the decent from the rim. As you might be able to tell the trail is almost non-existent there and you are almost scrambling. Certainly saying that you pick your way down the hillside is apt.

Also note the trail is loose and there are some places you are close to the edge. Follow the trail as best you can.

If you make it here, be respectful this is delicate and fragile history. Lastly, do not publish its location. Keeping it hush hush is part of the fun.


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