Overlooking Grand View Point

More images from the tip of Grand View Point. Like I posted last week, I find the very end of Grand View Point to be one of the finest locations to photograph in any national park.

The sunset image here was what I was treated to on my first night at the park and it really shows all the grand qualities for why this place is named Grand View.

Looking across the gap toward Junction Butte and then beyond over the Green River canyons and the distant Henry Mountains is a true grand experience.

It was one I tried to capture several times during the trip. Six times to be precise-four sunsets and two sunrises.

I was treated to three good sunsets-this probably being the best -and one blizzard with near white out conditions.

My sunrises were one mostly clear and one total overcast and raining.

The second image is from the clear morning looking across the Green River canyons in the cool predawn light.


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