Sierra del Carmens

The Sierra del Carmens are a major landmark on the eastern side of Big Bend. The stark escarpment of the range is visible for miles.

However the range is not actually in the park. It is not even in the United States. The Carmens are in Mexico.

The Rio Grande flows past them and then cuts through them to form Boquillas Canyon. The continuation of the the mountains in the United States is the Dead Horse Mountains which run along the eastern edge of the park.

Here are a couple of images from last month that show the range. First a stitched panorama showing the entire Carmen escarpment. If you click the picture to look at the larger version you might be able to find the Tornillo Creek bridge. Tornillo Creek is the dry wash you see in the image. The big bridge has almost had flood waters go over the top. When it flash floods here, it really floods.

The second image is from the soft light of evening after the sunset. The Rio Grande is visible and the last light of day still lights up the ridges of Mexico.

Also I have added several images from my Big Bend trip to my gallery. See them here


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