Shapes, Patterns, Colors

Photographers often talk about ideas like composition, color, shapes, patterns, etc. I recently came across a great example of seeing and then really seeing those ideas.

While chasing fall color and hoping for big landscapes across Acadia National Park I spent a part of one morning at Bubble Pond. It was a morning I had started at another location early and sometime after sunrise I thought I might be able to still find some soft light or even nice reflections at Bubble Pond.

This was the scene I found there. Just a hint of clouds, some nice fall color, smooth water. Yes, things were looking nice.

Using a combo of ND grad filters and bracketing I was able to bring back images that stacked fairly nicely to capture the entire dynamic range of the scene. I had the color landscape I was after.

I pulled out my trusty LX3 to take some black and white images to see what fall looked like in monochrome. It was then that I saw something more.

The far end of the pond had the shape of a goblet (or wine glass if you prefer) when viewed as a monochrome.
I liked what I was seeing so I walked around and reframed the scene to give it even more of the look of a goblet.

Now I have an image to show people to see if they "see it".

On another note, I have added a few of my favorite images from Acadia to the galleries. Take a look if you get a chance.


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