Done Old School

One of the projects I have given myself this year involve working more with B+W. That evolved out of the coming demise of Fuji Quickloads and me having to learn how to hand load film holders. You can actually follow my "angst" on my other blog that is all large format oriented (see link to left).

When out at the Grand Canyon I still had a few sheets of Acros Quickload and put them to use working the Grand Canyon. After all, that is how Ansel would have done it.

Here is one from Hopi Point. The sun was in the west but a snow storm was over the north rim. The single best afternoon I ever had at the Grand Canyon.

This view has cropped out the snowstorm and concentrates on the light in the canyon. You can make out Cape Royal in the distance.

I'll be doing more landscape work this year in B+W sheet film and I will try to post more of that work here too.


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