I'm Not Saying It Was Cold.........

I'm not saying it was cold at the Grand Canyon. I actually slept really warm and only even zipped up my bag when it got into single digits.

I will say most of my family and friends thing I must be a bit off my rocker to camp out in that type of weather.

I really think it is part of the fun of a trip like this!

Here are a few images from my stay at the Grand Canyon to show you some of the snow conditions I camped and lived in.

Start off with my campsite. I had to shovel some of it out to get a flat tent pad. Ahhh, home sweet home.

Then how I found camp one night after a day of snow. Nothing like getting back to this after staying out past sunset in the cold to do star trails.

Having a four season tent was nice on this trip. My other tents are great tents but being mostly mesh with a rain fly, I just don't think it would have been as comfortable.

The Tent is a Sierra Designs Tiros that I got on a model closeout sale. It worked well on this trip in the wind and snow.

I brought the backpacking stove and cooked a few meals. As you can see, I had to not only dig a path to the pick-a-nik table, but I had to clean the snow off of it for a place to cook.

Without a doubt, and in all seriousness, one of the finest meals I have ever had! Talk about ambiance.

Finally an image I will simply title "cold call". Man , I am glad I have a Sprint wireless phone!


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